Below is a list of some of the programs we offer here at Nusantara:

A. Educational Programs

1. Non-Muslims Forum

Our Non-Muslims forum is a forum where our non-Muslim friends can join to take part in a very open and friendly environment to discuss and/or ask about issues related to the religion of Islam. The discussion at this forum is led by credible Imams and scholars of Islam.

2. Arabic Classes

This class is open to all want to learn classic Arabic language. Our Arabic classes are taught by native speakers and/or certified instructors.

3. Al-Qur’an Reading

Either you want to learn how to read or simply to improve your ability to read the Holy Qur’an, Nusantara offers this class for you. This class will be taught by qualified instructors.

4. English Language

This class is specifically offered for free to new immigrants coming to the City. They will learn basic communication of the language. All English courses are taught by Cambridge University certified instructors (CELTA)

B. Muslim Scholars Forum

A series of discussions led by prominent scholars, we aim to have rotating imams to speak on different topics for the benefit of the ummah and for the Nusantara world. Scholarly discussions will tackle a breadth of subjects facing Muslims in the contemporary world.

C. Interfaith

Aseries of discussions led by leaders of multiple faiths, we seek to engender good relations and promote understanding an education on and about our beliefs.

D. Social Services

1. Midnight Run

A program designed to take part to feed the homeless in NYC

2. Soup kitchens

In collaboration with interfaith organizations we will take part in serving food to the needy

Seminars and Conferences

Nusantara organizes a variety of scholarly seminars and conferences tackling different issues related to Islam and Muslims. An instance of that is an international conference on Zakat or Charity and its role in helping to minimize poverty in our society.

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